About Us


Simple, delicate and designed from a minimalist perspective

Ivy Design Jewellery is a Melbourne based label founded in 2017 by Australian designer Steph Swan.

Steph is the sole pair of hands at the bench in this business and she designs and creates all of her jewellery out of her sun-lit studio in Melbourne’s West. Using a composition of traditional smithing tools and techniques along with high quality recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones she brings her designs to life. 


     "I believe jewellery shouldn't be 'just another adornment' but is a personal keepsake that shares a story with the person wearing it.

It joins us in the joyous moments, and remains with us throughout the rest. Sometimes it's a connection to someone, or somewhere.."


Brand ethos
Ivy Design Jewellery believes in the #slowfashionrevolution and intention when purchasing. This is why when sourcing materials I choose to only work with suppliers who are also transparent about their operations and share the same ethics. The metal that I work with is 100% recycled; minus our chains, and i'm constantly seeking ways to operate with less of a footprint and more consciously.

All of our jewellery is made in small batches for our weekend markets and events, and then available online as made to order.